Заполните пропуски предлогами in on in front of next to above beside into by 1Anna is in bed 1____hospatal. 2__ the bed there’s a s

Заполните пропуски предлогами

 in   on   in front of     next to     above    beside   into  by



1)Anna is in bed 1)____hospatal. 2)__ the bed there's a small table and 3)___ the table there's vase of flowers. 4)___ the vase there's a glass of water. There's a TV 5)___ the bed.6)____ the bed there's a vovely picture. A nurse is 7)___ the bed. A doctor is coming 8)___ the room . She has got some papers 9)__ her hands.

  • 1.in

    2.  beside


    4. next to the vase

    5.In front of

    6. above


    8. into

    9. in

  • 1 in

    2 on


    4 in to 

    5in front of

    6 next to

    7 by

    8 on 

    9 in

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