Твір на тему що я вчора робила на англійській мові ?

твір на тему що я вчора робила на англійській мові ?

  • "Yesterday I traveled to Moscow specifically to hear" Dream on the Volga "Arensky. Though I've been on it a very good idea and expect from her real pleasure - but what I felt yesterday, far exceeded my expectations. Some pictures, especially the picture of sleep Governor, produced a strong impression. entire opera from beginning to end written a real artist, with great deliberation and skill. this is not the first, timid attempt beginner, it's a real work of art that can make a strong, lasting impression. According to Apparently, the opera audience very like it, and I think that it can take its place in the Russian repertoire. would be very, very desirable to "Dream on the Volga" was staged in St. Petersburg in the coming season. <...> Many scenes have caused in my eyes the tears - a sure sign that "Dream on the Volga" written strong talent. <...> Arensky, in my opinion, has a bright future if meet promotion. composer it true temperament true creative slim!

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