Назавите предмет указав его качество и признак:Образец: This is. blankbig — This is a Big blankThese are . cupsblue — These are blue cupsThat is

Назавите предмет указав его качество и признак:
Образец: This is.. blank(big) - This is a Big blank
These are ... cups(blue) -These are blue cups

That is... table
That is... chair
That are... puctures
This is... flat
This is... knife
This is... carpet
This are... lemons
This are... oranges
This s... bread
This s... shop
red clean
fresh comfortable
sweet nice
new good
thick sharp

  • These are blue cups -These are blue cups That is a red table That is a comfortable chair That are nice  puctures This is a clean flat This is a sharp knife This is a thick carpet This are fresh lemons This are sweet  oranges This is good bread This is  a new shop.

  •   Blue cups, red table, comfortable chair,  nice  puctures ,clean flat, sharp knife, thick carpet,fresh lemons , sweet  oranges,  good bread, new shop

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