написать 10 предложения на английском про спорт!

Помогите написать 10 предложения на английском про спорт!

  • Sport - is a very important component of physical culture in the society. Historically, the sport - it's different types of events, and special training for these competitions. Different sports have been known since time immemorial. Certain rituals, like sports activities, there were a primitive people. Ancient China, Persia, Egypt, known for their common culture and sports. In ancient Greece, where the Olympic Games were born, there was already a large variety of sports. Of course, the sport - it's not just competition. Sports - it's culture and sports, science and ethics. Come and form their own rules all new sports, sport becomes more and more supporters, and become truly massive task.

  • Sport has always played an important role in our life. Exercise means going in for sports but choosing those sports which suit you. Many people jog, walk or cycle in their free time. Physical exercises help you to  keep fit, have a good gait and figure. They also help you lose weight and work out energy. It is believed that professional sport keeps people fit and healthy. Sportsmen have good figures and strong muscles. They are usually attractive. They develop positive character and learn how to work hard, to be strong, patient, well-organized and disciplined. But few people remember about disadvantages of going in for sports. Sport takes much time, people do not like to lose. When they lose, they feel uneasy and unhappy. The third disadvantage which I should mention is risk. Going in for sports can cause many injuries.

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