Эссе по английскому на тему о любимом фильме

эссе по английскому на тему о любимом фильме

  • My favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice" 1995.

    That version of the 1995. I admire because it perfectly matched actors - such associations have occurred while reading the book, selected the most beautiful place to shoot - they match the style of the time.

    This film tells the story of a typical middle-class family in which there are five unmarried sisters. Naturally the mother is worried for the future of the daughters and tries to quickly marry them off. But the older girls, Jane and Elizabeth, against this, they want to marry for love, for which they are fighting in the film.

    Miss Elizabeth, a girl with virtually no education, excites me freethinking and accuracy of their judgments. It no matter what keeps very proud and remains itself. Even after the caustic words of Lady Katherine de Boer, which it certainly touched, she was able to control myself and respond politely to her, as long as it is not stepped face of decency.

    Mr. Darcy, whom at the end of the film Elizabeth married, highly educated and cultured man, in the beginning of the movie seems to us a scoundrel and a horrible person.

    Subsequently found to be positive character (Mr. Wickham) is actually a very bad man, and Mr. Darcy, trying to make amends to Miss Elizabeth, rescues her stupid sister and her family's honor.

    I love this work, not only for the fact that such a noble generosity in real life is hard to find, but for the brilliance of speech and diversity of characters. They are completely different people, and exist in the same family, in my opinion, is very difficult.

    My essay, I would like to complete a word of Jane Austen - the creator of this great work. It is truly a miracle writer, and I would advise every young girl to read one of her works. I do not think they can remain indifferent.

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