66.Составьте вопросы по тексту1. What did Julia’s family.?2. Where did Julia.?3. When did.?4. How long.?5. Who.?6. Why.? Вот по этому тек

66 .Составьте вопросы по тексту

1. What did Julia's family...?

2. Where did Julia...?

3. When did...?

4. How long...?

5. Who...?

6. Why...?


Вот по этому тексту!!!!


Julia Sherman spent (spend) her summer holidays with her parents at the seaside. They ... (take) a trip to Africa. Julia and her parents wanted to visit Egypt and the Red Sea. Julia's dad ... (buy) the tickets. They ... (arrive) at the airport on time. Julia ... (see) a lot of big and modern planes. On board Julia ... (eat) tasty sandwiches and ... (drink) some juice. Julia ... (read) a book and ... (watch) an interesting video.
In the afternoon Julia and her parents arrived at the hotel. From the window she ... (can) see the Red Sea and ... (smell) the beautiful flowers. She ... (want) to go sightseeing. She ... (take) a lot of photos of the Sahara Desert, the big camels, and the exotic flowers. For two weeks she ... (have) a lot of sunbathing, ... (swim) and ... (watch) the beautiful fish in the sea all day long. She ... (be) very happy at the seaside.

  • 1. What did Julia's family do during their summer holidays?

    2. Where did Julia see at the airport?

    3. When did Julia's family arrive at the hotel?

    4. How long was Julia's family at the seaside ?

    5. Who bought the tickets?

    6. Why was Julia happy?

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