1.I’d rather . after school. аgo swimmingбwe are swimmingвto go swimmingг we went swimming2.A :I haven’t seen the Tower of London yet. Б

1.I'd rather ... after school.
а)go swimming

б)we are swimming

в)to go swimming

г) we went swimming

2.A :I haven't seen the Tower of London yet.


а)so have I.

б)nor have I.

в)I have.

г) Neither have I.

3.I have ... eating crisps and chocolate to get slimmer.


б)thrown away

в)given up

г) run out of

4.My parents ... Spanish when they were at school.


б)must learn

в)used to learn

г) learnt

  • 1. I'd rather go swimming after school.

    2. Neither have I.

    3. I have stopped...

    4. My parents learned...

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